Winter is Coming

So I was just reading the National Weather Service’s Area Forecast Discussion regarding Monday’s snow. This one looks to be a doozy of a storm…somewhere in southern Minnesota. I can handle snow. It’s the freezing temps that follow which get me. Even tonight where it is in the mid-40s but with a brisk wind I was shaking so hard that Missi asked me if I was ok. I was, just really cold.

Temperature extremes and I don’t get along. That goes for both ends of the spectrum. But winter and cold is worse for me than summer and hot. Part of it has to do with the lack of sun. But a lot has to do with it seems like it’s easier for me to cool down that it is for me to warm up. Blast me with air for like 30 seconds and I’m good. But to get me warm it requires like 3 blankets and my cat. I don’t warm up easily and get very miserable and cranky when I’m cold. Great combination for living in Minnesota right?

I have no idea why it’s like this. But it’s why I also never understood people who go skiing and partake in other winter sports. To me it’s way too cold just walking to my car. Now try being out in it for hours? No thanks. Though I did do it with Paige at Bentlyville last year and well….it took about 2 days to warm up after that.

The related problem that develops out of the start of winter and the cold is that I’m less apt to be social when it’s cold out and that leads to all sorts of wonderful issues for me like depression and stuff. We are trying to stop it this year from becoming a huge issue but I need to get out to St. Louis Park and get my light box prescription filled and by increasing my vitamin D. But who knows. I really do hate winter in the northern climates.

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I’m Scared & Words Don’t Come Easy

Today has been rough for me. Tomorrow will be rougher. Mom is going into surgery tomorrow and I’m insanely scared. But I’m having problems expressing that. I’m also having problems talking about other things that are going on that I feel like I should be open about. But it’s hard. And I want to be open with her. And friends. And everyone. But words…don’t come easy. Which causes a lot of pain and stress.

On that note I need to try and get a few hours of sleep. I’m on the AM show in the morning.

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People: You need to stop freaking out.

Ok.  So I’m sure you’ve seen the news that Facebook is buying Instagram for a Billion dollars.  And I’m sure, if you spend any time on the internet, you’ve seen people freaking out over the fact.  People:  You need to calm down.  Facebook is no worse than say, your ISP.

The people who are freaking out about this seem to be the same sorts of people that have no problem giving out their personal information to join the rewards card club at the local supermarket, or to fill out a survey to get a free drink from Starbucks, or to join Twitter.  These are also, probably, people who use Gmail and leave themselves logged in while searching for things on Google.  Guess what:  I bet Google knows more about you than Facebook does.

Facebook is not evil.  The purchase of Instagram is not bad for users.  (Hell, I bet a bunch of you are like me and already share your pictures to Facebook.)  This is not going to create some sort of temporal privacy vacuum.

So calm down, take a breath, and stop freaking out over this.  Actually, I have a better idea.  If you want to freak out about something, how about freaking out about the war on women’s rights that the GOP is waging right now.

Finding Donuts: Mmmm. Donut.

So after finding out that I’m once again in a market without any of the big donut chains, I turned to Twitter to see if I could find a few recommendations on some local donut places.  Oh boy!  I got a few and it looks like some good ones too.

See…  I’m a donut fan.  I’m betting a bunch of you are now picturing Homer Simpson.  I’m NOT Homer Simpson, trust me.  But I do like a good donut.  I got spoiled growing up, while we had the 2 big chains (Dunkin’ Donut and Krispy Kreme) we also had this awesome little place called Spunky Dunkers Donuts in Palatine.  It had originally been a Mr. Donut but when Mr. Donut folded the local owners went off on their own rather than closing the donut place.  I could spend a bit of time talking about them, but this is about finding donuts in the Twin Cities.

So let’s get eating!!!

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I hate this time of year….

It’s the time of year when people start compliling lists.   Top stories of 2011, top trends of 2011, top top list of 2011, etc.  Whatever the list is, it’s never the same for two people, and there’s never transperancy to how it was developed.  For all we know, someone put 10 topics into a hat and the order in which they were pulled out is the “order of importance” on the list.

Which brings me to one of the bigger annoyances…  The fact that everyone is quick to blame “the corporate media” when there are stories that go under reported throughout the year.  Case in point, Dan Patterson, formerly of ABC News Radio, shared a link on Google Plus to an Alternet article recapping the “8 Stories Buried By the Corporate Media That You Need to Know About.”

I reshared the link, because I think they were under reported stories, however, I added the following comment:

I hate these kinds of articles…. 

For the most part newsrooms are largely independent from meddling with by corporate owners. That said, with the sharply reduced size of newsrooms, a lot of things fall through the cracks because they’re not on “the wires,” not of importance / relatable to the local community, or get lost in the day-to-day news that local media has a job to cover.

Then again… Places like the networks, their cable news outlets, independent outlets such as Current, and the major print publications such as the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Time, etc. really don’t have much of an excuse for not covering this. While the NYT and Trib are still mostly news-of-record publications, both of them have a national reputation for reporting stories of major national interest and the magazines are largely nationally oriented by design.

It’s not because of owenership these stories are not being reported.  It’s because of decreased staffing, and general lack of interest from the American public, that these stories don’t get reported in the major national publications and on networks and their cable news outlets.

Sad as it may sound, this country would much rather read about a Kardashian than global warming, trafficing of women and children and anything about our military than stories of families being reunited when soldiers come home from deployment.

Let’s talk role models for a minute

Attached is a picture of the Disney Princesses which points out all of the flaws of each character. This has sparked some debate on Facebook over whether or not the princesses are good role models for children. It’s my opinion that they are not. I think there are better role models out there for kids. As much as I loved the Disney cartoons as a kid, I can see now how the messages that they’re giving kids can be 1) a bit old fashioned and patriarchally oriented and 2) could be potentially sending a dangerous message, especially to young girl-identified children.

Ok. Let’s open the floor to debate.


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Hive! I need your help.

Mom’s Mac Mini.  It keeps freezing up at random.  She’s running Lion, all the updates, etc and it’s been upgraded from 2GB to 8GB of RAM, so it shouldn’t be a memory issue.

I find that most of the time it’s when Safari, Mail, iTunes and insert next program name here are open.  What usually happens is that she gets the beach ball and then Finder and the dock lock up to the pont where I can’t right click to force-quit anything and when I go onto the Apple menu and select force quit and try to relaunch Finder, it just quits and never comes back on me.

I’m stumped.  At first I thought it was XMarks that was having issues… Uninstalled that and they’re still there.  Could it be the TimeMachine backups causing the issues?  I’ve noticed TimeMachine is doing a backup about 80-90% of the time the computer locks up.

Or maybe it’s WiFi sync to her iPhone?  I haven’t checked to see if when things lock up iTunes is trying to sync her iPhone via WiFi. 

What is the trick to selling yourself these days?

I can direct a television show.  I can edit a promo.  But it appears that I am lacking in the ability to market myself.  I’m not sure entirely, though, why this is.  I have skills that are in demand in the industry, hell, there are even places outside of the industry where I could probably find a job using these skills.  I guess…I’m just not sure how to make someone or a company or whoever realize that 1) I have the skills they need and 2) that they need me.  This is where I wish I could just scream out “Save me Obi-Wan Kenobi” and hope for someone to come and rescue me.  But that’s not me.  I want to dig deeper into this whole “how do I market meyself” thing.

There has got to be an expert in my network who has been in this spot.  

Let’s break myself down….

  • I have directed news broadcasts for the last 7ish years.  If you want to count the work I did in college, I have directed things other than news.  Hell, I directed a music series that spanned 2 seasons on the campus television station.  And even outside of college, I hate to admit it, but I’ve directed a Sunday church service that was broadcasts to the northwest corner of Illinois every week
  • I can edit on a number of different platforms.  I started out learning how to edit using an old-school tape-to-tape linear system.  The edit controller was a Sony RM-450 and I edited onto 3/4″ UMatic tapes!  My first NLE was a system that no one has ever heard of, Media 100.  No trust me, you’ve never heard of it.  I’m self-taught in Final Cut Pro and have picked up a lot of Avid experience as that’s what the television stations I’ve worked for have used.
  • I know how to run cameras, light a set, switch a broadcast.  I can even use these new fangled “Automated News Production Systems” that  are all the rage these days.  I even got OverDrive to do things that other operators gave up on trying to do.  
  • I even have a demo reel…ok yeah, I know, it’s not the sizzleist, but it’s a basic overview of what I’ve worked on.

But yet… I still can’t seem to convince people that they need me.

So if any of the hive out there has any tips, let me know!


Quickhit: DreamWorks snubs HBO, goes to Netflix is reporting that the New York Times is reporting that DreamWorks is moving in 2013 to using Netflix, not pay tv, as it’s outlet of choice in the “pay tv” window of their films.  While the editors at don’t feel this is a big deal, I think it’s a bigger deal than they think.

While DreamWorks is no Warner Brothers or Fox, they’re still the owners of a couple of very popular franchises (Shrek and Kung Fu Panda) and if they’re willing to forgo HBO, et. al., who is to say that the big boys in the industry won’t at least consider it as an option in the future?

Remember… It only takes one to get the ball rolling and be disruptive to the establishment and you better bet that the outcome of this deal will be watched very, very closely by that establishment.

Dissenting Eagle: This is one of those odd situations


So I was browsing through the feeds this afternoon and stumbled upon a blog post from Jezebel. If you haven’t read the article, the main takeaways are that: 

1) Bristol Palin was riding a mechanical bull 

2) She was verbally assaulted by a drunk person over the views of her mother 

3) She used a rather homophobic insult as a retort to the verbal abuse

Now, I’ll be the first to tell you that I’m in no way a fan of Sarah Palin.  In fact, I can’t stand her at all.  Nor, really, am I that big of a fan of Bristol, especially since she seems to just be in the spotlight because of being her mother’s daughter and not for any meaningful contribution on her own.  But that doesn’t really mean, either, that I think the drunk guy was right for what he did.

This would be easier for me to write if Bristol hadn’t of called the guy a homosexual, since I honestly don’t think this guy was in the right at all.  Just because she’s Sarah’s daughter does not make it right for him to go off on her.  She, from what I’ve read, is not her mother, nor should she be expected to be.  Similarly, just because of who her mother is, does not make it right to verbally assault her.  (Even if the subject of the abuse was Sarah herself.)

Of course, I think Bristol could have handled the situation a lot better.  There was no need to insult the guy.  She could have just walked away and ignored it.  Of course, cameras for her reality show were rolling, so for all we know, this could have been a plant.  And well, the reaction could have all been for the cameras too.  Still, though, I know it makes for lousy TV, but she could have and should have walked away.

Oh…and the other thing that got me writing this is… After seeing her on the bull, I want to see her take a stab at the mechanical pepper at La Perla in Milwaukee.  Seriously, I can’t be the only one whose thinking that!  And that’d make for some entertaining television anyway.

If you want to view the video, it’s at the Jezebel site.