Bay Cities Deli

Ok. I’m going to channel @DeRushaEats here for a second.

So acting on a tip from the friends whose couch I’m crashing on this week, I wandered over to 1517 Lincoln Blvd. in Santa Monica to have a sandwich at Bay Cities Deli.  I’d been there before, many years ago, or well 3 according to FourSquare so I didn’t exactly remember the fun of going there. A few big notes up front: 1) They’re closed on Mondays, 2) Parking is a nightmare (I found a meter 2 streets over), and 3) take a number and be prepared to wait (or order online, like I did, in which case you can walk in, go all the way over by the wine and pick up your sandwich.)

I ordered a Godmother sandwich. I’d love to tell you exactly what is on it, but uh, they don’t have it on their website and their online order is down right now. Basically what you need to know is that it is meat, cheese, and veggies squished deliciously between a baked in the deli bread roll. It’s tasty, wonderful and you’ll thank me when you try one.

I also opted to get a side size (or well side size for me) of their Salami Anti-pasto salad. It was good. Not exactly what I was expecting (I guess I was expecting more of something like Pizza Lucé’s ‘Lucky Luciano’) but defiantly good. Though one caution: the olives still have their pits.

Overall, this place is worth checking out if you ever find yourself in Santa Monica! I know I’ll be back. (And yes, it’s on the list of must-do just like the Pier and In-n-Out are now!)

“Half Assed” Chili

So I made a “chili” recipe tonight.  It’s kinda adapted from something I found on the internet, plus my going “wow this is way too bland.”  Also: I call it “chili” because it’s really just a “throw together something that resembles chili” kind of recipe.

So here’s what I did:

Brown 1 lb of hamburger meat

Add 1 packet of chili seasoning


In a big pot mix the seasoned ground beef with……

2 cans of chili beans

2 cans of tomato sauce

1 can RO-TEL

1 small Onion

Hot Sauce to taste


Simmer for a while.


Serve with crushed Ritz & Cheese.

So there you have it.  My “half assed chili.”   Oh yeah, it freezes well 🙂