Stay Classy Internet (#RipTweetDeck)

Today, Twitter announced that they were going to kill off a bunch of non-supported, like 3 year old versions of TweetDeck. Now, they are not killing off TweetDeck. But OH MY GOD, if you believed the internet today, you’d think that it was the end of the world, and that they’d killed ALL versions of TweetDeck.

I saw the #RipTweetDeck hashtag start popping up in my feed and naturally, as a TweetDeck user, was like “OMG! NO!” But… Rather than jump into the fray, cooler heads prevailed and I did the 3 seconds of internet research that these people probably didn’t take the time to do. After seeing nothing in Google Reader (I’m subscribed to a number of tech press) I fired up AllThingsD’s site. I saw that they had a post talking about it. A quick scan, and link click to the Twitter blog, I confirmed what I figured. The web, Chrome, and PC/Mac clients are staying. Everything else is going. And yes, they’re getting rid of Facebook integration, but honestly, it was the only client that still had it. (and there are other ways of posting to Facebook from Twitter.)

Now, this is where things got interesting. Apparently, people on Twitter, don’t like when you point out their fallacies in their hashtag. Oh did people have a fit when I pointed it out. Apparently, all these people who are kvetching are pre-Twitter ownership TweetDeck users.

So. Let me get this straight. You all are using a 3 year old version of TweetDeck and are getting mad at me for pointing out that they’re not killing off TweetDeck but merely making you upgrade to the current versions? Seriously? I think some of these people need to climb out from their rocks and join 2013.

You know, I wonder if these people are hanging onto Internet Explorer 6 too.