Santa Monica Pier

Anyone who knows me, knows that every time I come out to LA, after I stop at In-N-Out, I have to go see the ocean. And just about every time it has been at the Santa Monica Pier. I don’t quite know what it is about this place, but I absolutely love it. Even if it is basically a kitchy touristy trap these days. It’s just so much fun to be out near the ocean!

Pictures & a Vine after the break.

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I hate having anxiety issues sometimes. 

I go to LA next week but sometimes I feel like it’s a wasted effort. Everyone I’ve tried to get in contact with has either not gotten back to me or has started avoiding me. (Even if that’s not the case, to my mind that is what is happening.) Which makes me mad and worried and it makes me feel like I must have done something terrible and that I’m not worthy of anyone and shit. It. Just. Sucks. Hard. I did this mostly so I could see friends, but what’s the point if friends are avoiding me and I’m unable to get a hold of them???

Sigh. Sorry for going all wacky and everything. I just. Need to get it out somewhere. 

I just. Feel alone right now.