Jonathan Coulton in concert…

What: Jonathan Coulton w/ Paul & Storm
Where: Majestic Theater – Madison, WI

I saw Jonathan Coulton in concert last night. It was a really good show, though I could have done with-out the idiots who were opening for him. It was a mixed bag of songs I knew, and songs I didn’t, which is good. For those asking, yes, he did play “Still Alive” and I have a feeling that 90% of the crowd only knew him because of that song, despite having several viral videos as well as numerous mentions on the various TWiT podcasts.

A few highlights:

  1. He asked “Does anyone in the audience have a power adapter for a 12in. Powerbook?” Normally, there’d be no one who did, but some chick up in the balcony DID have one at the show.
  2. In the middle of a song he was performing using a sample machine, he inserted “Never Gonna Give You Up”, there-by “Rick Rolling” the crowd.
  3. The openers asked if anyone had a 20 sided dice. I couldn’t count how many people did.

All-in-all, it was a very good show, and I’d highly recommend seeing him in concert.