The Blackberry Storm

My cell contract is up in early 2009. April 20th if you can believe it! I’m eligible for a “New Every Two” upgrade next month if I stay with Verizon Wireless. I’ve already decided that I’m 99% sure my next phone will be a BlackBerry. Especially since while I’m impressed with the iPhone, how Apple has been treating apps in the App Store (ie: not letting in Opera because it’s competitive with Safari, etc.) and the fact that I have a hard time typing on it are pushing me away from it. Now, there’s always the G1… However, I’m in a weird area, Madison, WI, which is not served by T-Mobile. Though, I do hear that T-Mo will work just fine in Madison. But I’d still have to go over to Milwaukee, or down to the Chicago area to play with one.

So now it comes down to which BlackBerry to buy. My friend Dave has a Curve, and he’s impressed with it. The web browsing sucks on it, but the e-mail rocks, like it does on a BBs. There’s the Bold over on AT&T. It’s 3G, has the new OS with full HTML browsing, and a keyboard. But it’s AT&T exclusive, like the iPhone. So what do I do?

Enter the Storm. Verizon’s latest “iPhone killer.” I’ve not had a chance to get my hands on one yet because they hadn’t made it to the stores here in Madison early this week when I was over there getting a software upgrade applied to my Alias. I’m intrigued by the phone because it’s supposed to be a lot like the iPhone, just a BB. However, I’m also questioning it, because it’s so much like an iPhone. Well that and the reviews I’ve seen haven’t been all that positive.

So the question is, what’s a geek to do?