Review and Commentary: Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind.

So I am not a geek, or expert, or anything in the world of Anime. I don’t even claim to be one on television, or on the internet. But every so often, I decide to throw one into my Netflix queue. I have had “Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind” sitting on top of my TV for a few weeks now, along with a few other DVDs that I’ve been meaning to watch. So I decided to pop it into the MythDora box (which also happens to be my DVD player) and watch it. Well, I can now see why Netflix recommended this movie.

It is a tale of struggle, of conflict, and of a fight. A fight between factions and a fight for the planet itself. This is a movie that I would highly recommend anyone out there seeing. It’s a movie that I think that everyone out there could learn a thing or two from.

Even though this anime was produced in 1984 it has a lot of parallels as to what is going on in the world today. The endless warring that our current president has dragged us into in Iraq and Afghanistan. The fight for the survival of the earth. The plight of the people who are being driven from their homes, both from war abroad and trouble at home.

I think we all need to sit down and watch this. Learn from Nausicaa and calm down the rage in the world.

If I were a movie critic, and I don’t even pretend to play one of those, I would definitely give this 5 stars. Now go forth and add it to your queue.


If I only got a snow day…

Madison has had a ton of snow dumped on it overnight… Sigh… No snow day for the news, though.

Here’s a pair of reports from this morning:

0800 AM     HEAVY SNOW       MADISON                 43.08N 89.38W
12/19/2008  E10.5 INCH       DANE               WI   BROADCAST MEDIA

0705 AM     HEAVY SNOW       MADISON                 43.08N 89.38W
12/19/2008  M8.8 INCH        DANE               WI   TRAINED SPOTTER

I’ll attempt to post pictures later today. I still have to dig my car out so I can get into work.


Just another day in Illinois politics…

The top story on right now… “Illinois governor taken into custody.” I haven’t heard the whole complaint yet and I’m awaiting the news conference on WGN-720. But it appears that Blago tried to shake down an appointee for the vacant Senate seat, tried to shake down the Tribune company and a few other things. Unfortunately, politics as usual in Illinois.

News conference on NOW.