DTV Delay?

I normally don’t talk about issues that relate to work but…  It seems as though, with less than 30 days to go, Congress is now trying to delay the DTV transition.  Honestly, why?  It’s been promoted, we’ve run crawls, PSA, etc. for a year or more to make sure people know about this date.  So why change it now?  If people don’t truly know about the transition, what makes you think they will in June?  And also, what about all of the TV stations that budgeted 2009 with February 17th as the date where they’d start to see a MAJOR decrease in their electric bill?  What about them?  Is Congress going to pay the difference until June?

Moving the DTV transition date, is a BAD idea.  Seriously.


I don’t think I have been as glued to my television as I have been this morning. This has been a totally awesome morning for this country. Not only is this a great day for those who fought in the 60’s and before for civil rights, but, as a native of the Chicago area, I’m proud to see someone who has been dedicated to serving the people of Illinois become the 44th President of the United States.

For those who haven’t seen it, MSNBC has an embeddable version of the speech:

“After 8 years, George W. Bush is leaving Washington.” – Dianne Sawyer, ABC News.


Pundit Kitchen is full of LOLs

So way back in the election of 2008, Dave tipped me off to It’s LOLCats, but for politicians. They’re the ones who brought you basically every funny picture of Palin or McCain this election season. Well, they’ve got a couple of pretty good ones on there today:


Part of me wonders if he actually bid on the seat, or if he used “buy it now.”


And am I the only one who remembers the old SNL skits?


Looking Ahead to 2009

I got this idea from a friend of mine’s blog post. Those who know me, know full well I don’t tend believe in a lot of this stuff. I don’t know why, but it’s always seemed, well, a bit BS to me. How can some writer somewhere know what’s going to happen to me this year? Or be able to predict it? Or know me based on my sign? But anyway, I went over to Yahoo to see what this story was, and well, it kind of got me thinking a bit.

As a Gemini, you possess an amazing ability to see dualities — the pros and cons of situations as change approaches — and to quickly and efficiently think them through before making any decisions. In 2009, you dare to look deeply into your desires, regenerate self-awareness and recognize psychological ambiguities. This will bring balance into your home and family life. Pay attention to the details as you bring your inner and outer life into harmony. And be sure to enjoy the changes occurring within you!

As you come to terms with yourself, you are able to see a more fulfilling purpose in life, and your field of experience broadens. Focus on matters that affect you most deeply and, like magic, your life will become easier and things will seem to take care of themselves. You have all the necessary resources and motivation to make tangible changes and achieve results this year.

Toward the end of the year, you’ll have time to enjoy yourself, and to bask in a great sense of accomplishment. With the expansive and idealistic energy flowing throughout 2009, Gemini is very comfortable in this age of new awareness and high-mindedness.

You know… I’m not at all entirely sure what this all means. Maybe I need Candace or someone more in-tune to help me decipher it all.