My thoughts on “Dating Question: What Is a Man?”

So Jessica twittered a link to an article on Yahoo: “Dating Question: What Is a Man?”. I’m reading the article and the first thing that comes to my mind is “hmm… this just seems like it’s going to be one of those strictly stereotypical views on the subject.” Honesty, it is and it isn’t. So let’s break it down. As bad of an example as I may be, let’s compare myself to this article.

  • Strike one. I don’t carry cash. Well, sometimes I do, but I prefer to use my debit card. It’s for the simple reason of having less cash on you means that there’s less chance of losing it. And really, by using the card you kind of have to think “can I really afford this?” Yeah I know, not the first thing you’d expect to hear, because you know, “I’m a man, men make money, blah blah blah.” I don’t make that much money. It has to be rationed accordingly. Why do you think I drive a *gasp* base model Toyota and don’t have all the flashy new toys?
  • Strike two. I can’t build or repair shit. Well.. I can build a computer. And I can fix one. But other than that, I’m sort of lost when it comes to the whole “use of tools” that society has deemed I should know. Last time I tried to hang something it ended up being crooked. And to borrow a line from my grandmother, I can’t draw a straight line with a ruler.
  • And wow, I strike out for the third time, right in the opening paragraph of the article. I can’t ever find anything good on TV. Really, it’s why I don’t watch TV. Wait, what? This coming from the guy who makes his living off, um, TV. No seriously, outside of Dollhouse, Legend of the Seeker, Ghost Hunters and The Simpsons, I really don’t watch TV.
  • Crap. This is where I run out of strikes. I guess.. Because seriously? Kung-fu? I don’t do kung-fu. I have no desire to kung-fu.
  • And I’ve never bought “a man is his job.” Yes, I consider myself a television production expert, a newscast director, editor, etc. but those are all career related terms. I’m don’t consider myself to be some sort of domestic diva when I’m cleaning around here. Nor do I even claim to be some sort of race-car driver when I cruising down the Beltline.

On the plus side I can cook eggs. And I’m more than happy to spread knowledge, espcially when it’s related to geeky things, or on the correct ways to make TV. Honestly, at work I’m more than happy to answer the questions the interns have, even as wild of questions as they may be sometimes. I’ve known people in the past who would rather not have anything to do with them.

486 words just off the intro to the list? Crap.

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