It’s still available in Madison!!

I was reading an article over at, 10 secret menu items at fast food restaurants, and stumbled upon this:

10. Some Subways will still make you the popular pizza sub from the 1990s. Once the chain decided to make their focus healthy eating, the pizza sub disappeared from the menu in most places (the word is that Canadian and Mexican Subways still offer them on a regular basis). But if you ask, lots of places will still make it for you. Be warned, though — Jared would not approve of the nine slices of pepperoni and copious amounts of cheese slathered in marinara sauce.

I’ve known this one for YEARS! Every store in Madison, Rockford, Milwaukee that I’ve been to… They’ll all make it. Most of them also list it under the “Local Favorites” section of their menu. I was bummed when they removed it from the official menu, seeing as it’s by far my favorite sub, but then learned it’s basically made from the same ingredients as the meatball sub and that they’ll make it for you if you ask!