Review: @NatalieMerchant’s new album

So I just got done listening to Natalie Merchant’s new album, “Leave Your Sleep,” which was recommended to be by @tapps.  “OMG WOW!” was the first thought that came to my head when I started listening to it.  

Now… I’m not terribly familiar with her works outside of the 10,000 Maniacs (who I also love, btw.)  But this album is just simply amazing.  It reminds me a lot of the  version of Fiona Apple’s “Extrodinary Machine” that was leaked out to the internet.  It’s pure, raw, awesome music.  No really good other way to explain it!

I don’t really have a favorite track on the album, nor does one stand out over the other.  They all work well together and it’s best listened to as an album, not a bunch of singles.

I highly, also, recommend that anyone who is a fan of Natalie, or for that matter any number of other female singers such as Ani or Fiona, should check this album out.  You can listen to it on Grooveshark, and you better believe that once my cashflow improves, this CD is on my “buy” list.

Movie Review: Zerophilia

So I was in the mood to watch a movie tonight.  Not content with what I have available here, I decided to head over to Netflix to browse the instant view.  If you’ve never been to Netflix before, first shame on you as it’s awesome, they present you with movies they think you might like based on what you’ve watched.  It’s actually a rather handy system they have for nights like tonight when I knew I wanted to watch something, but didn’t quite know what I wanted to watch.

Anyway…  One of the movies that popped up on the list was Zerophilia.  Ok…  Interesting title, right?  Let’s look further.  The Netflix synopsis of the movie:

In this sexually ambiguous romantic comedy, Luke, a naive college student (Taylor Handley), struggles with issues of masculinity while he comes to terms with a rare genetic disorder that causes the afflicted to switch gender at will. Unable to control his body and emotions, Luke spirals into sheer panic when he discovers that as a zerophiliac, the lines between love, sex and gender are rapidly disappearing … but his options are multiplying.

Ok.  Sounds interesting.  I’m always a bit worried when it comes to any film that has this kind of a subject matter….all too many times a gender bending person will end up being the punch line to a bad, insensitive joke.  Anyway…  I decided to go ahead and watch the movie.  It sounds cute…and interesting.

It is indeed a very, very good movie.  And it handles the subject of gender very well.  Without giving away too much, the main character is forced to answer a question that a lot of people I know have asked themselves and struggled with: “Who/What am I?” 

I would highly recommend that EVERYONE watch this movie.  If not just for the fact that while there are no actual zerophiliacs in the world, there are people out there who are struggle with this very question everyday.

I gives this..uh..wait..I don’t have a rating system.  Uh…  Hmm.  Should have thought this part out a little more.  Oh well.  I recommend the movie.  Do I really need to say more than that?

Wow.  This was just a rambling mess, eh?  Oh well.  Night everyone!

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