Review: @LadyGaGa’s “Born This Way”

The album that Lady GaGa has been teasing us with for the last few months finally dropped last month.  I, like quite a few people I know, took advantage of the 99-cent Amazon MP3 gold box deal to get the album, and then filled in the missing tracks to get the deluxe version of the album, all-be-it in MP3 format.  It is a very excellent album.  It shows off GaGa’s WIDE range of musical talent.  Born This Way is not just a pop album, it’s a rock album, it’s a country album, it’s an everything album.  A few songs stand out from the rest, and I’ll get to those in a second.  Like most albums she puts out, there are hidden gems among the singles that you hear on the radio. 

Born this Way is the anthem that the “rest” of us can turn to.  It’s the title track to the album and is the glue of the whole album.  GaGa sends home the message that everyone should love themselves for who they are no matter what anyone else things.  It’s a song and a message that plays well to people like myself who were the targets of bullies in school.  

The Edge of Glory is another great song off the album.  Doing some research for this post, I see that she composed it as a tribute to her dying grandfather.  The song has a lot of rock styling to it and it a great song.  I have to admit that I’ve played this song quite a bit.  This, like Hair also has that feeling that this could almost be a rock song more than a pop song.  Especially with the awesome, almost Springsteen like, sax part right in the middle of it.

All of those are radio singles off the album.  But there is at least one non-single, as of writing anyway, that I think is a “must listen to” song off this album, and that’s You and I.  This song sounds like something that I would have expected to have come out of Nashville.  In fact, I bet if I played it for you, without telling you who composed / sung it, I bet you would probably mistake this for something that Taylor Swift or Carrie Underwood had put out.  It’s raw, it’s emotional, it’s legitamtely a country song.  By far I think this is one of the best song she’s put out, that hasn’t been featured as a single on an album.  It shows her range of styling as an artist.

Honorable mentions, by the way, need to go out to Hair as well as the song that I played on repeat for quite a while, but yet still don’t quite understand, Judas.  Both songs are great, solid, pop radio friendly songs.  Both are catch and I like them.

I’ve played this album almost non-stop since it came out and can say this is by far one of Lady GaGa’s greatest works to date.  If you haven’t heard it, I suggest you head over to iTunes or Amazon and grab a copy of it.  I love it, and I think you will too, even if you’re not a fan of Lady GaGa.