Let’s talk role models for a minute

Attached is a picture of the Disney Princesses which points out all of the flaws of each character. This has sparked some debate on Facebook over whether or not the princesses are good role models for children. It’s my opinion that they are not. I think there are better role models out there for kids. As much as I loved the Disney cartoons as a kid, I can see now how the messages that they’re giving kids can be 1) a bit old fashioned and patriarchally oriented and 2) could be potentially sending a dangerous message, especially to young girl-identified children.

Ok. Let’s open the floor to debate.


Photo Credit / OP: https://www.facebook.com/anna.bandfield

Hive! I need your help.

Mom’s Mac Mini.  It keeps freezing up at random.  She’s running Lion, all the updates, etc and it’s been upgraded from 2GB to 8GB of RAM, so it shouldn’t be a memory issue.

I find that most of the time it’s when Safari, Mail, iTunes and insert next program name here are open.  What usually happens is that she gets the beach ball and then Finder and the dock lock up to the pont where I can’t right click to force-quit anything and when I go onto the Apple menu and select force quit and try to relaunch Finder, it just quits and never comes back on me.

I’m stumped.  At first I thought it was XMarks that was having issues… Uninstalled that and they’re still there.  Could it be the TimeMachine backups causing the issues?  I’ve noticed TimeMachine is doing a backup about 80-90% of the time the computer locks up.

Or maybe it’s WiFi sync to her iPhone?  I haven’t checked to see if when things lock up iTunes is trying to sync her iPhone via WiFi.