Finding Donuts: Mmmm. Donut.

So after finding out that I’m once again in a market without any of the big donut chains, I turned to Twitter to see if I could find a few recommendations on some local donut places.  Oh boy!  I got a few and it looks like some good ones too.

See…  I’m a donut fan.  I’m betting a bunch of you are now picturing Homer Simpson.  I’m NOT Homer Simpson, trust me.  But I do like a good donut.  I got spoiled growing up, while we had the 2 big chains (Dunkin’ Donut and Krispy Kreme) we also had this awesome little place called Spunky Dunkers Donuts in Palatine.  It had originally been a Mr. Donut but when Mr. Donut folded the local owners went off on their own rather than closing the donut place.  I could spend a bit of time talking about them, but this is about finding donuts in the Twin Cities.

So let’s get eating!!!

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