Whirlwind of Emotions

As I sit here at 12:30am, having to be up in 2 hours, I’m listening to the howling wind. Yesterday was Thanksgiving. Normally I’m not one who really celebrates much on these holidays.

The last few weeks have been emotionally hard. First, we lost Jeannie. Then, I almost lost my roommate. (He, for the record, will point out that he did actually die on the table…twice.). And finally, this week, Aunt Barb. (Not one of my particularly close family members…. I think I was only in a room with her a handful of times at most.)

Now… Time to curl back up in bed with the cat. News starts way too early in the morning. To quote Ed Murrow (or alternatively, Keith Olbermann) “Good Night, and Good Luck.”

Only the good die young

I’m literally crying as I sit here and write this post.  The television world lost a great one.  You’ve never heard her name, but she had talent and unfortunately, it will never be seen on the stage it should have been showcased on.

RIP Jeannie Hayes.

Jeannie and I were co-workers at WREX in Rockford.  But before that we were friends at Marquette University.  We spent many nights in Johnston Hall working on MUTV News.  Working on class work.  And doing stuff.

One of the best things that we all did together was not at WREX, but at MUTV.  It was my finals week my Senior year, fall semester.  We had a bit of unplanned breaking news happen.  Even though it was finals week, we all banded together and got the news on the air, even though we’d wrapped for the semester.  I remember watching her anchor that newscast and I had the feeling I’d see her at the network level someday.

Sadly…the world had other plans.

We all love you Jeannie and we are going to miss you.


Jeannie and I from my last night at WREX

Jeannie and I from my last night at WREX. Jan. 1, 2007.