Inaugural 2013: I think it may have lit a spark

So I’ve been watching coverage all day of the inauguration of President Obama for his 2nd term in office.  Even though I am watching the 2013 festivities from afar, I still think this is the most awesome thing that I’ve seen (so far) this year.

But….  I’ve also done a little bit of thinking this morning.  I watched most of this coverage from the cold, dark depths of News Control.  A friend’s tweet during the actual swearing in of the President saying how that attending a ceremony is now something on her bucket list turned on a lightbulb in my head.  I want to direct events like this.

Many of you know, whether it’s by conversations that I’ve been getting back into that funk of hating day-to-day news coverage.  Though, many of you also know that one of the things I look forward to every week is the Sunday morning political show that I usually direct.  This…this is the kind of thing that I love to do.  Quite honestly.  I know several people in recent days have asked me “what exactly do you want to do in TV?”  I can now very much point to this and say “that.”

I very much have always loved working the “scripted but unscripted” kinds of things.  And I’ve always been one who signed up to do them when I could.  And I’ve been pretty good at them when I have had to do them.  Yes, there’s always that big nervousness that comes along with it, but that’s live television.  I still get that when I go into my regular newscasts, especially on breaking news days.  Honestly, I’d almost be worried if I didn’t.  I think some of that is good.  Then again, I am my worst critic and significantly harder on myself for mistakes than anyone has ever been.  But still, there is a certain amount of satisfaction that also goes along with these sorts of events…  You’re indirectly a part of history.  And well, that’s kinda cool to think about.

Now… Don’t get me wrong.  Very few people will ever grace the television trucks that produce this kind of programming.  And even working for a network-owned station, knowing some people inside the network news divisions, people in DC, etc. I stand a small, small chance of ever doing something like this.  I’m a small fish in a very, very large ocean of talent.  The people who hire for these sorts of things….they very much are unlikely to even know who I am.  Of course, I may be completely and entirely wrong here too.  I have been proven wrong in this realm before.  Just recently in fact.  So it’ll be interesting to see when certain friends (might thanks to the stupid Facebook sorting hat…oops…algorithms) see this post.

Now.  Time to watch the parade!

p.s.  I toyed with placing links to my demo & resume here.  I opted against it, for now, but hey, if you want one, feel free to email or Facebook me.