Read a book. Now, so many feels

So I just did something I haven’t done in forever… Read a book. Specifically, I finished reading the last book in the Extra Humans series by Susan Jane Bigelow. Her whole series…amazing. Seriously, amazing. I would highly recommend the books.

Honestly, I’d love to do a proper review of them, but right now, too many emotions to think properly. And I’ll leave it at that. Can’t say more or I’ll spoil the ending!

But seriously. I’ve told Susan this too… The visuals of this in my head, lead me to think this series would make an amazing series of movies.

Anyway… Go read them! Oh and check out her new book that’s coming out. I’m planning on grabbing it and reading that one too 🙂

Oh! How to find Susan and her books:

Twitter: @whateversusan