I would like to thank the Academy…

So you may remember back in the fall, my team and I on WCCO 4 News This Morning won an Upper Midwest Regional Emmy™ for Newscast-Daytime, Markets 1-20. Well… The statue finally got to me. Quite honestly, I’m still in shock and awe that I actually have one in my apartment finally.

So… Because this was not an individual award, and because well, I was kind of actually directing the video feed of the ceremony, there was no chance for me to do something crazy like give a speech or anything. But heeeeeeeeey this is the internet, and well, why not right?


So here it is, the speech I would have given:

First of I would like to thank the Academy. This award means a whole lot to me. There are too many to thank. I couldn’t have done it without the team. Bess, Nikki, Mike, Wade, JT, Ron, Jim, Garrett, Wendy, Tim. My bosses CJ and Gary. My parents. My family. Candace… Love you. Rory for putting up with me. Dr. Havice, Barb, Jen Z. and all the people who taught me TV. Jeannie. We miss you and thanks for the help from beyond the rainbow.

So yeah. There you have it.


I finished in the span of like the last month 2 books. Hell…One of those I finished in just over 24 hours, which those of you who know me should realize is like a record for me. And every time I finish a book, and the Kindle app is like “hey. write a review now please?” I’m always like… Oh yeah, I should review what I just read on my blog thing that like no one ever reads. And then I remember one, sad fact: I unholy suck at writing them.

I remember back in college when I tried to write reviews of music for my friend’s website, XROXX.com. (Side note…the front page apparently still loads even though the site has been gone for almost 10 years now.) I remember dutifully listening to the CD I was assigned (I don’t even remember what it was, probably the Vanilla Village Villains or something), fired up Word and banged out my review. I emailed it over to my friend who owned the site. Who promptly sent back a note saying that, well, it sucked. That I should get me a copy of Rolling Stone, read those reviews, and write more like that.

So yeah. You’ve probably by now also realize that I’m very long winded, very opinionated, and well, generally way more honest than I need to be too.

But alas… I will in time try and get to reviewing the two books I have just read. Which, by the way, are complete polar opposites of each other. One, a science fiction novel, and the other was…well…”Lizz Free or Die.”

On that note. It’s time for me to go to bed since I should have been asleep about 2 hours ago.

23 Signs You’re Secretly an Introvert

Oh boy.  One of those “signs you’re secretly an introvert” lists.  Here’s the thing.  There’s no secret.  Hi.  I’m an introvert.  So, I know, shockingly I hit on a number of the points.  Let’s see here…

1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 18, 19, 20, 21, 23

Oy Vey that’s a lot of data points that I have just hit there.  But again, shockingly I know, it’s not.  Let’s put on my nice thinking cap here and analyze this.  Ooh won’t that be fun?

Going down the list, and yeah I’ll skip around a few, but I’ll get to some of them later….

Small talk.  Oh yeah am I terrible at it, and well, find it incredibly annoying when I have to do it.  Especially if it’s one of those situations where people have 1) a perception of me that gravitates to the male end of the spectrum or 2) it’s not with fellow media people.  Then again, even with media people I  have issues when I’m in a crowd or at a networking event or a party or something.  I never really got the whole art of networking.  So yeah.  1, 4.  Nailed it lol.

Now, let’s go all the way back into the past.  All the way…to the year 2000.  (Insert the guy from Conan saying “in the year two thoooousand” here.)  Or well more appropriately, college.  So not really strictly 2000, more like 2000-2004.  I learned quickly my Freshman year that I *despised* the big “pay for a Red Solo Cup here, the keg is over there, now mingle” types of parties.  I just…felt so out of place.  If I did go to something like that I tended to look around for someone I knew. (2)  Which for me was hard because I knew so few people back in those days.  And well…because I have a hard time making friends due to some underlying social issues that come along with other facets of a me.  I always felt, well, alone.  (3)  So yeah, parties really sucked for me.  I just never got the appeal of them. (19)  If I was being social, I’d much rather it have been a party with just friends, like the ones Justin and Matt had in Humphrey.  Or even the old annual Korporate Christmas parties.  (Ironically, it’s amazing that I never ran into some of my current friends at those, given how many people we had overlapping the entire time I was in Milwaukee.)  But this also is why bullet 13 exists.  Because probably the only thing more scary than having to be at a party, in a crowd, making small talk is…audience participation.  Yucky.  Just let me watch a show in peace please.

And yes, while talking about friends and social.  I do screen calls. (14) There are a few friends who I will always take a call from. But those are exceptions to the rule.  And this is also why I tell people I’d rather be texted than called if possible.  And I do have periods where I need to be social.  I just need it.  (23)  It’s usually followed by the “uuuuugggggghhhh.  I have to be social now.” periods.

To say I’m easily distracted is a giant understatement.  Like when there is a lot of people around.  And I have to pay attention to things.  It’s hard.  I’ve been known to be at like the Mall with friends and be like “zomg too much stimulation.  don’t know how to process…  So what were we talking about?” (6)  And this of course plays hand-in-hand with the fact that yes, not only do I get distracted if I’m given too much stimuli all at once, but I also will start to shut myself down after having had to be social for a long period of time with no chance of being alone.  Seriously…  I will zone out if I don’t get to recover.  And some times the shutting down does include my ability to properly form a thought. (10)

Which is why, downtime, number 7, gets interesting.  On one hand, I really appreciate a nice stretch of doing nothing.  Like.  Reading.  Or marathoning Dr. Who on Netflix.  Stuff like that.  Especially if I’ve had to be extremely social (see previous).  But at the same time, I have this nagging “you really should be doing something, you know?” Which, oh yeah, is ALSO on the list.  16.  That inner monologue that happens.  Oh boy and she keeps me awake at night sometimes.  Or well maybe that’s the cat.  But the brain doesn’t help the situation at all.  Like right now.  “Oooh.  Comfy pants.”  “Maybe you should eat something?”  “Ugh I feel like hell.”  “Braaaaaaaaaaaaains.”

Ok.  Back on track after doing some jumping around here.  9.  It does not apply to just the subway, or well in my case light rail.  It applies to the bus, planes and cars too.  I hate sitting in the middle.  A LOT.  It makes me feel like I’m going to have to interact with the people around me.  And well.  I don’t like doing that.  Especially while flying.

Of the rest of what is remaining that applies to me…  I will say that it’s a giant “yep” to 12.  Which is probably why I’m a really good Director.  And really good at running OverDrive.  But then again, 15 helps a lot. Though, it sometimes pisses off people around me.  Especially when I notice small things that co-workers might not.  Oh and 20.  It doesn’t just apply to looking at the big picture in life.  I tend to want to have a plan for a show a week out, especially if there is an out-of-the-ordinary guest on it.  (Which if you know how a newsroom works, doesn’t usually happen.)  18, 21…I’ve heard at various points.  What people don’t understand, specifically on 21, is that it takes a significant amount of energy for me to be outgoing and participatory.  And sometimes I just can’t spend that capital on being social.

What is interesting to me is that there are, likewise, a few points that I don’t think really apply to me.  Or well might but not directly.  22 for example.  I’ve been told by some good writers that I’m a good writer but I don’t feel it.  I’m not at all good with words.  I can tell a story better through the lens of a camera than I can through words.  And 11 was not so much my relationship, as it is friends.  I can think of a couple of friends who are VERY much extroverts.  The one relationship I had with an extroverted girl didn’t go well.  5 I just don’t comprehend.  I don’t think I’ve ever heard it.  8 terrifies the crap out of me talking in front of people.  Though, interestingly, I can talk on the radio like all day if you’d let me.  Just…don’t put a camera on me.  Oh, and my test results don’t agree with 17 either.

So yeah.  Have fun?  That’s my analysis of myself, as based on an über scientific HuffPo article.