Dissenting Eagle: This is one of those odd situations


So I was browsing through the feeds this afternoon and stumbled upon a blog post from Jezebel. If you haven’t read the article, the main takeaways are that: 

1) Bristol Palin was riding a mechanical bull 

2) She was verbally assaulted by a drunk person over the views of her mother 

3) She used a rather homophobic insult as a retort to the verbal abuse

Now, I’ll be the first to tell you that I’m in no way a fan of Sarah Palin.  In fact, I can’t stand her at all.  Nor, really, am I that big of a fan of Bristol, especially since she seems to just be in the spotlight because of being her mother’s daughter and not for any meaningful contribution on her own.  But that doesn’t really mean, either, that I think the drunk guy was right for what he did.

This would be easier for me to write if Bristol hadn’t of called the guy a homosexual, since I honestly don’t think this guy was in the right at all.  Just because she’s Sarah’s daughter does not make it right for him to go off on her.  She, from what I’ve read, is not her mother, nor should she be expected to be.  Similarly, just because of who her mother is, does not make it right to verbally assault her.  (Even if the subject of the abuse was Sarah herself.)

Of course, I think Bristol could have handled the situation a lot better.  There was no need to insult the guy.  She could have just walked away and ignored it.  Of course, cameras for her reality show were rolling, so for all we know, this could have been a plant.  And well, the reaction could have all been for the cameras too.  Still, though, I know it makes for lousy TV, but she could have and should have walked away.

Oh…and the other thing that got me writing this is… After seeing her on the bull, I want to see her take a stab at the mechanical pepper at La Perla in Milwaukee.  Seriously, I can’t be the only one whose thinking that!  And that’d make for some entertaining television anyway.

If you want to view the video, it’s at the Jezebel site.



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