Quickhit: DreamWorks snubs HBO, goes to Netflix

Deadline.com is reporting that the New York Times is reporting that DreamWorks is moving in 2013 to using Netflix, not pay tv, as it’s outlet of choice in the “pay tv” window of their films.  While the editors at Deadline.com don’t feel this is a big deal, I think it’s a bigger deal than they think.

While DreamWorks is no Warner Brothers or Fox, they’re still the owners of a couple of very popular franchises (Shrek and Kung Fu Panda) and if they’re willing to forgo HBO, et. al., who is to say that the big boys in the industry won’t at least consider it as an option in the future?

Remember… It only takes one to get the ball rolling and be disruptive to the establishment and you better bet that the outcome of this deal will be watched very, very closely by that establishment.

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