What is the trick to selling yourself these days?

I can direct a television show.  I can edit a promo.  But it appears that I am lacking in the ability to market myself.  I’m not sure entirely, though, why this is.  I have skills that are in demand in the industry, hell, there are even places outside of the industry where I could probably find a job using these skills.  I guess…I’m just not sure how to make someone or a company or whoever realize that 1) I have the skills they need and 2) that they need me.  This is where I wish I could just scream out “Save me Obi-Wan Kenobi” and hope for someone to come and rescue me.  But that’s not me.  I want to dig deeper into this whole “how do I market meyself” thing.

There has got to be an expert in my network who has been in this spot.  

Let’s break myself down….

  • I have directed news broadcasts for the last 7ish years.  If you want to count the work I did in college, I have directed things other than news.  Hell, I directed a music series that spanned 2 seasons on the campus television station.  And even outside of college, I hate to admit it, but I’ve directed a Sunday church service that was broadcasts to the northwest corner of Illinois every week
  • I can edit on a number of different platforms.  I started out learning how to edit using an old-school tape-to-tape linear system.  The edit controller was a Sony RM-450 and I edited onto 3/4″ UMatic tapes!  My first NLE was a system that no one has ever heard of, Media 100.  No trust me, you’ve never heard of it.  I’m self-taught in Final Cut Pro and have picked up a lot of Avid experience as that’s what the television stations I’ve worked for have used.
  • I know how to run cameras, light a set, switch a broadcast.  I can even use these new fangled “Automated News Production Systems” that  are all the rage these days.  I even got OverDrive to do things that other operators gave up on trying to do.  
  • I even have a demo reel…ok yeah, I know, it’s not the sizzleist, but it’s a basic overview of what I’ve worked on.

But yet… I still can’t seem to convince people that they need me.

So if any of the hive out there has any tips, let me know!


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