I hate this time of year….

It’s the time of year when people start compliling lists.   Top stories of 2011, top trends of 2011, top top list of 2011, etc.  Whatever the list is, it’s never the same for two people, and there’s never transperancy to how it was developed.  For all we know, someone put 10 topics into a hat and the order in which they were pulled out is the “order of importance” on the list.

Which brings me to one of the bigger annoyances…  The fact that everyone is quick to blame “the corporate media” when there are stories that go under reported throughout the year.  Case in point, Dan Patterson, formerly of ABC News Radio, shared a link on Google Plus to an Alternet article recapping the “8 Stories Buried By the Corporate Media That You Need to Know About.”

I reshared the link, because I think they were under reported stories, however, I added the following comment:

I hate these kinds of articles…. 

For the most part newsrooms are largely independent from meddling with by corporate owners. That said, with the sharply reduced size of newsrooms, a lot of things fall through the cracks because they’re not on “the wires,” not of importance / relatable to the local community, or get lost in the day-to-day news that local media has a job to cover.

Then again… Places like the networks, their cable news outlets, independent outlets such as Current, and the major print publications such as the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Time, etc. really don’t have much of an excuse for not covering this. While the NYT and Trib are still mostly news-of-record publications, both of them have a national reputation for reporting stories of major national interest and the magazines are largely nationally oriented by design.

It’s not because of owenership these stories are not being reported.  It’s because of decreased staffing, and general lack of interest from the American public, that these stories don’t get reported in the major national publications and on networks and their cable news outlets.

Sad as it may sound, this country would much rather read about a Kardashian than global warming, trafficing of women and children and anything about our military than stories of families being reunited when soldiers come home from deployment.

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