Finding Donuts: Mmmm. Donut.

So after finding out that I’m once again in a market without any of the big donut chains, I turned to Twitter to see if I could find a few recommendations on some local donut places.  Oh boy!  I got a few and it looks like some good ones too.

See…  I’m a donut fan.  I’m betting a bunch of you are now picturing Homer Simpson.  I’m NOT Homer Simpson, trust me.  But I do like a good donut.  I got spoiled growing up, while we had the 2 big chains (Dunkin’ Donut and Krispy Kreme) we also had this awesome little place called Spunky Dunkers Donuts in Palatine.  It had originally been a Mr. Donut but when Mr. Donut folded the local owners went off on their own rather than closing the donut place.  I could spend a bit of time talking about them, but this is about finding donuts in the Twin Cities.

So let’s get eating!!!

The Donut Cooperative

The Donut Cooperative is a small and cute little donut shop that is located in Minneapolis.  They are at the corner of E 25th St. and 30th Ave. S.  It’s near the U and really not all that hard to get to even though it’s not on one of the major Minneapolis streets/avenues.

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Website:  (Caution: They have, dramatic pause, frames on their site.)

I had two of their donuts.  They came in this adorable little box.

photo 3 2

The first was a chocolate peppermint donut.  It’s a regular cake donut, covered in chocolate and topped with peppermint candy.  It’s a gooey, crunchy, taste explosion in your mouth.

The other donut was a cinnamon, sugar cakey type of donut.  Again, it rocked.  Not sure what else to say about it.

One word of warning…  If you’re a fan of that big Donut chain, you’re going to be disappointed in these donuts.  They’re crunchy and fabulous, not soggy and doughy like the big boys are.

I also had their Mocha coffee.  It’s well, a Mocha.  Nothing too drastically different to say about it from most other mochas I’ve drank.

Overall, I’d highly recommend them, even though they’re a bit off the beat-and-path for most people.  (I drove over to them from St. Paul, for example.  Oh and if you’re driving, street parking only.)

Oh, and as a bonus, they have this AWESOME Orange Crush sign on the 30th Ave. S side of the building.

photo 1 2

Granny Donuts

So my next venture was down to Dakota County and West Saint Paul (which is, ironically, south of downtown Saint Paul.).  

They are located at 1555 Robert Street South in West Saint Paul.

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They have a website:

I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of their storefront, but it’s located next to a BlockBuster video.  No really, apparently those are still around.  I know, I’m as shocked as you are!

I only had one of their donuts, a Bavarian cream one.  There’s really not much I can say about them.  They’re the closest thing to the Dunkin’ variety of donut that I’ve found in the area.  There’s a parking lot and a building.  So yeah…  I even forgot to take a picture of it, oops!

Overall, I was less-than-impressed with them.  If you’re already down there, go for it, but otherwise, it’s meh at best and not really worth the drive down there.  Oh and a word of caution, they subscribe to two of my most hated words: Cash Only.  (Seriously, who carries cash anymore?  Debit cards are more convenient anyway.)

Mojo Monkey Donuts

So for the third spot I ventured far and wide to…west 7th Street in Saint Paul.  Specifically, to 1169 7th Street West.  The place is small and is next to one of those “let us sell your crap on eBay” stores.

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Website:  (Not a typo…they really are a .biz)

I would show you their storefront, but it occurred to me to take the picture uh…after I kinda got home.  Oops!

photo 4

I had two of their donuts…  The first was this (partially eaten already when I took the picture) apple turnover donut.  The only way to really describe it is “Oh Em Gee awesome!”  It’s like they took the best of an apple pie and put it into donut form.  The outside is nice and crunchy, the inside is cakey.  It’s simply an awesome donut.

photo 5

The next one is this big monstrosity!  I honestly forget what the name of the donut was, mocha something or other.  It’s a decent donut.  A typical creme filled donut.  Cake outside, chocolate creme on the inside.  Big and very filling!  It’s also very crumbly, so if you’re staking out the house of a bad guy, I’d recommend having a good layer of napkins down to protect your suit.

I also tried their hot coca.  It’s um…phenomenal!  (Yes, shockingly, I didn’t get coffee!)

Overall, I like their cake donuts, but am hung on their premium donuts.  They’re definitely worth the 8 minute drive from my house!  Two things, though, to note if you’re going to check them out:

  1. They don’t have a parking lot
  2. They’re closed on Mondays.

Sunrise Donuts

The last donut place I was told to go to was Sunrise Donuts in Bloomington.  It’s at 9032 Lyndale Ave. S in a shopping center, and you’d never know it’s there other than the sign on the building because the actual shop itself is not visible from the road.

photo 2

photo 1

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They are one of the lone wolfs of this world, and DO NOT have a website.  However, they advertise to check-in on FourSquare on the door and have a very non-used Twitter account and similarly utilized Facebook page, just no website.

Overall their donuts are good.  They lack the fun of Mojo, but don’t suffer from the big-chain feeling like Granny.

photo 3

I had 2 donuts form them, a cherry frosted and a double-chocolate.

I also had their coffee.  It’s, to say the least, meh.  It’s basically glorified gas station coffee.

Overall, they’re a good donut place.  It reminds me a lot like the one back home.  The biggest downside to them is the fact that they’re in Bloomington, and I’m in St. Paul.  But hey, if you’re out near the Mall of America, or happen to live down in that area, I recommend trying this place out if you haven’t already. 


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