That time when I helped run a Punk/Ska radio station

So thanks to a tweet in my stream today I managed to take a walk down memory lane.

All the way back to…well not quite the year 2000. It was more like 2003-2004. A much simpler time then. I was in my senior year of college. Probably taking a boat load of clases. Running shop at MUTV 20 hours a week. Oh and Pete and I hosted a 2-hour radio experiment every Tuesday at 11pm. But yet somehow I managed to find time to help Scott Hanson, Don Wadewitz, and friend with this little thing called Now, the website is sort of up still, but I had some fun diging in it via the Web Archive Project’s “Wayback Machine”

XROXX was way ahead of it’s time. Today, if kids still listened to the radio, and well, if Punk/Ska were still the “in” music, we probably would have had a much better shot at making it. Back then, it was tough for an internet only radio station to exist. You didn’t really have smart phones (heck the iPhone 1 didn’t come out until 2007). People didn’t use their computers for much beyond information. There was no YouTube, no Hulu, and well I don’t even think Netflix was around back then. So to have a radio station which required you to listen only on your computer was a long shot. Sure things like Pandora, Radio Paradise, and proved in the long run that people will listen to internet radio, they were all helped out by the fact that the iPhone became so popular, and well most had an app for that. (For the record: did eventually go under, whereas, Radio Paradise and Pandora are still around.) We didn’t have that in 2004.

As I recall, XROXX didn’t last very long as a streaming station. And eventually, without the stream, the website kind of fell into the nether regions of the forgotton lands of the web. Interestingly, if you go to you’ll get the front page of the site. Which means Don or Scottie or someone is actually still paying to host it and the domain. Weird, right?

Anyway. So the fun things that I found? Well for starters…my bio page. Yikes, right? Also you HAVE to love the fact that I had a TechTV reference on there. Nope. Wasn’t at all a geek right? And I can’t believe some of the answers I gave. A lot of this has greately evolved since then. Like… Pink Floyd, still top billing. Dark Side of the Moon is probably the greatest album ever made. But…times change right now I’d say Against Me! and Beyoncé are 2 and 3. I mean, what did I know back then about music? I was 21! Now I’d of gotten the correct Yoda quote. “Try not. Do… or do not. There is no try.” is the actual quote. Oh and uh… I um…actually don’t like Piña Colladas. I’m uh kind of allergic to pineapple.

And funny I should mention Against Me! Not only did we apparently review one of their early albums. But a week or so ago, my brother asked me essentially if I only listened to them because Laura Jane Grance is trans. Well. Um. I hate to burst his bubble, no. I very, very much found them organically. I think I said something along the lines of I heard them on Pandora, but the more I think about it I played them on the radio. I believe XROXX was one of the spots, but I still swear that Pete and I played them on Marquette Radio at some point. Additionally, I own the “Rock Against Bush” CD. It’s somewhere in one of my binders of discs. Now, I wish I hadn’t lost contact with Pete. He would know instantly. True story, I ran into him about 4 years after we’d done our last show and he asked me if I’d seen the success of The Plain White T’s, who were a band that was basically a staple of our show.

Here’s some relevant tweets that I sent out shortly after this:

So there you have it. My walk down memory lane. If you got this far I commend you for reading through my dis-jointed rantiness.

I’ll leave you with this:

“Good Night and Good Luck.” – Edward R. Murrow

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