Winter is Coming

So I was just reading the National Weather Service’s Area Forecast Discussion regarding Monday’s snow. This one looks to be a doozy of a storm…somewhere in southern Minnesota. I can handle snow. It’s the freezing temps that follow which get me. Even tonight where it is in the mid-40s but with a brisk wind I was shaking so hard that Missi asked me if I was ok. I was, just really cold.

Temperature extremes and I don’t get along. That goes for both ends of the spectrum. But winter and cold is worse for me than summer and hot. Part of it has to do with the lack of sun. But a lot has to do with it seems like it’s easier for me to cool down that it is for me to warm up. Blast me with air for like 30 seconds and I’m good. But to get me warm it requires like 3 blankets and my cat. I don’t warm up easily and get very miserable and cranky when I’m cold. Great combination for living in Minnesota right?

I have no idea why it’s like this. But it’s why I also never understood people who go skiing and partake in other winter sports. To me it’s way too cold just walking to my car. Now try being out in it for hours? No thanks. Though I did do it with Paige at Bentlyville last year and well….it took about 2 days to warm up after that.

The related problem that develops out of the start of winter and the cold is that I’m less apt to be social when it’s cold out and that leads to all sorts of wonderful issues for me like depression and stuff. We are trying to stop it this year from becoming a huge issue but I need to get out to St. Louis Park and get my light box prescription filled and by increasing my vitamin D. But who knows. I really do hate winter in the northern climates.

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