2014 Albums of the Year

Good read. Even if I’ve only heard of 2 albums on this list.


By Deborah Sprague and Kara Tucker

The irony is that with more methods of getting music out there than ever before, actually getting to HEAR it almost resembles more how things were 30-40 years ago.
Back then, there were treasured copies of albums (maybe import), dubbed off tapes, second-and-third generation copies being passed around.
There were only so many radio stations and the record stores were the avenue where your friends and family were the backup.
Record stores continue to disappear as physical sales drop. Even counting digital into the formula, there was just one platinum album – Taylor Swift’s “1989” – this year.
But so many means of connection today mean that now, instead of that second-generation tape, it’s going to be a link sent over social media, a smartphone handed over to listen for a few minutes.
There’s so much out there, so many ways to be introduced to something, that it’s become easier for things to get lost in the shuffle.
With that in mind, consider this your version of what was done by your older families or maybe even yourself. Sure, some of these were on majors and were noticed by decent-sized audience, but there are some you might have missed. Consider this your 2014 version of “Hey, check this out.”

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