People: You need to stop freaking out.

Ok.  So I’m sure you’ve seen the news that Facebook is buying Instagram for a Billion dollars.  And I’m sure, if you spend any time on the internet, you’ve seen people freaking out over the fact.  People:  You need to calm down.  Facebook is no worse than say, your ISP.

The people who are freaking out about this seem to be the same sorts of people that have no problem giving out their personal information to join the rewards card club at the local supermarket, or to fill out a survey to get a free drink from Starbucks, or to join Twitter.  These are also, probably, people who use Gmail and leave themselves logged in while searching for things on Google.  Guess what:  I bet Google knows more about you than Facebook does.

Facebook is not evil.  The purchase of Instagram is not bad for users.  (Hell, I bet a bunch of you are like me and already share your pictures to Facebook.)  This is not going to create some sort of temporal privacy vacuum.

So calm down, take a breath, and stop freaking out over this.  Actually, I have a better idea.  If you want to freak out about something, how about freaking out about the war on women’s rights that the GOP is waging right now.